Faith... on Capitol Hill!

Literally across the street from the U.S. Supreme Court building and just a block from the U.S.Capitol sits a beautiful 19th Century Victorian House that serves as the home for Faith & Action. This providential location offers our ministry team immediate access to all of Capitol Hill and creates a meeting place for D.C. leaders to gather.

So much of the ministry we do in Washington is based on proximity – being physically close to the action as it happens. Just like a church needs to be near the community it seeks to reach with the Gospel, we need to be near those we seek to reach with the truth of God’s Word. Most top-level officials in our federal government are within an easy walk of our front door–not to mention the hundreds of thousands of employees that assist these officials.

Most importantly, our building provides people of faith with a "place at the table" right on Capitol Hill. Faith & Action's unique location ensures that there is a testimony for faith in Christ at our nation's epicenter of power. In fact, prominently displayed in front of our building is a granite sculpture depicting the Ten Commandments, sending a strong signal to our nation's leaders that God's Word is the foundation of truth and justice.

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