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Faith and Action in the Nation’s Capital — a ministry outreach of Liberty Counsel — is America’s premier Christian outreach to top-level government officials in Washington, D.C. We are located directly across from the U.S. Supreme Court, a block from the U.S. Capitol, and 10 minutes from the White House! Our purpose is to affect the hearts and minds of America’s public policy makers with Christ’s mandate in the two Greatest Commandments: Love the Lord Your God with All Your Heart, Soul, Strength, and Mind, and Love Your Neighbor as Yourself.

We believe that narrowly targeting our efforts is the most effective way to carry out our mission—to challenge our nation’s leaders with biblical truth. We are, therefore, focused on “challenging” 2,604 specific individuals across the three branches of government.

First, we aim to minister to the 54 individuals in the federal judicial branch—the Justices of the Supreme Court, their clerks, and assistants.

Second, we reach out to over 50 individuals in the executive branch, including the President and Vice President as well as their staff and closest advisors. We also reach out to the various departments of the executive branch, including Justice, State, and Defense.

Third, we strive to minister to over 2,500 individuals in Congress—Senators and Congressmen as well as their staff and their closest advisors.

Much of our ministry work is conducted behind-the-scenes due to the positions held by those to whom we minister. We are very effective in this type of ministry, but we also have three major programs that constitute our main public ministry each year: Operation Nativity – Live Nativity, the U.S. Capitol Bible Reading Marathon, and Day-Break Prayer at the U.S. Supreme Court. These often serve as conversation-starters and network-builders to further our private ministry.

We recognize the uniqueness of our ministry field, and we daily thank God for the ministry relationships He’s given us with elected and appointed officials at the very highest levels of government. It is not without great expense, both in terms of the financial costs (Washington, DC, is expensive) and the physical toll it takes on our staff. But our team is committed to our calling and works tirelessly to advance the Gospel on Capitol Hill.

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